How to Handle the Stress of Getting an MRI

Being told by a doctor that you must get an MRI is a scary feeling for some people. What many people may see as a routine test can feel like a traumatic experience to others.

Below are some tips on how you can better manage the stress associated with sitting in a machine for several minutes while doctors run tests on you.

Have Someone Present

Ensure that a loved one or friend is with you while the MRI is taking place. Having someone by your side when you go into the machine is so helpful, as you feel in control and a lot more relaxed. They can even talk to you through the microphone system while you are inside the MRI machine.

Find an Alternative

Getting an mri of knee in New Jersey is essential if you suffer a particular injury. The problem is that you may have bad experiences with MRI machines. That is why finding an alternative to the traditional MRI may be essential for some people.

There are open MRI machines that you can look up in your area. These machines are going to give you the same results, but they are a lot less claustrophobic to experience.

Practice Mindfulness

If you are determined to take a regular MRI test that puts you into a cramped machine for several minutes, you need to find a way to calm yourself down. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help, as you will be able to close your eyes and imagine that you are in an entirely different place.

You Can Get Through Your Upcoming MRI

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By following one of the above tips, you can ensure that your upcoming MRI is a stress free experience. You will be in and out of the room before you even realize that you are getting the test done.